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Associated organisations - Vedaparayana Pratisthanam

Jyoti Samskrtika Pratisthanam, 31, Pampa Mahakavi Road, Shankarapuram, Bangalore - 560004. Ph: 9035695065

Email : [email protected]


Vedaparayana Pratisthanam was established under the leadership and direction of Brahmasri S.T.Nagaraj, and has been striving for the preservation of vedas. Vedas have been the foundation of Sanatana Dharma, and the basis of all creation. Due to various circumstances, it is becoming very difficult for the common man to study even one particular branch of the vedas. Preservation of complete vedic knowledge and mantras in the minds of students who are studying has also become a great challenge.

Veda-parayana method has been prevalent from ancient days as a time-tested method for preservation of vedas. ‘श्रुतं हरति पापानि’, the vedas themselves say. If veda-parayana is organised and the vedamantras are heard completely, a man obtains the fruit of performing the sacrifices as ordained by the vedas, and he becomes purified.

With this broad vision in mind, in order to preserve the vedas through the veda-parayana method, Veda-parayana pratisthanam started the Veda-parayana scheme over ten years ago in Karnataka. This has been successfully going on in nine districts of Karnataka, and has now been launched in Bangalore. The pratisthanam proposes to organise 1008 veda parayanas in houses, temples and centres of religious institutions across Bangalore.

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