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Activities of GGSS - Guruvandanam at Sringeri

Guruvandanam at Sringeri is a very important annual event, which gives GGSS the inspiration for all it's activities of the year. All the staff and students of GGSS go to Sringeri with our guru, to offer our respects to the Jagadguru of Sringeri Shankaracharya Mahasamsthanam, and obtain his blessings.

Guruvandanam at Sringeri is organised every year on the first sunday after Gurupoornima (which is celebrated on the Poornima of the Ashadha month). The group reaches the holy town of Sringeri early in the morning. After ablutions in the sacred river Tunga, everybody is taken for darshanam of the kshetra-devatas - Sharadamba, Vidyashankara and Toranaganapati. Devotees offer their worship to the deities. Coconuts are offered to Torana Ganapati as is the special custom here. Then, we visit the gurubhavana and the adhishthanas (memorial) of the erstwhile jagadgurus of the sharadapeetham. At the gurubhavana, we obtain a darshana of the jagaduru, and then partake of the prasadam at the bhojanashala of the srimatham.

In the evening, the jagadguru spends some time specially with the devotees from Geetha Govinda Samskrita Sangha. We present a small programme in his presence, consisting of shloka recitation, nivedanam of the annual report of the sangha, Bhagavadgita recitation, and a small sanskrit drama, trained by our guru. We also perform vidwat-sambhavana (offering of our respects to scholars) through the jagadguru. After the programme is over, the holy seer blesses us with asheervachanam and mantrakshatas.

After another darshana of Sharadamba and the Dindi utsavam held at the temple by 8 PM, the group returns to Bangalore.

This year, Guruvandanam at Sringeri will be organised on July 24, 2016 (Sunday).

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