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Activities of GGSS - Spiritual Activities

Along with the curricular activities, GGSS also conducts many spiritual activities aimed at exposing the children to the rich spiritual heritage of our country. Efforts are made to educate the children about the plethora of Indian festivals, and the mythology associated with each of them.

On two occasions, poojas are celebrated in class wherein the children get to know the standard rituals to be performed on such occasions. One of these is the Shankara jayanthi, which falls on Vaishakha shuddha panchami of every year (April/May). This happens to be the birth-tithi of Adi Shankaracharya. The birthday of Sri Ramanujacharya also falls in the same month. Combining both these, on the Sunday closest to these days, the festival is celebrated during class-hours. Respects are paid to the gurus and prasadam is distributed.

This year, Shankara Jayanthi falls on 8th May 2011. In connection to this, celebrations would be held by Sri P.N.Ramachandra Iyer Trust from 4th May to 8th May 2011. Celebrations include Chaturveda parayanam, Geetha bhaashya and Upanishadbhashya parayanam, Samoohika upanayanam, Rudraikadashini and Shobha Yatra. (Click here for details). Shankara Jayanthi pooja would also be held on 8th May, in Vyalikaval and Vijayanagar branches.

Similarly, Ganesha Chaturthi celebrated on Bhadrapada shukla chaturthi and Krishnashtami celebrated on Shravana krishna ashtami are important festivals for Hindus. On a Sunday soon after these festivals (Aug/Sep), a combined poojaa for the deities Gowri, Ganesha and Krishna is offered at class. This year, pooja would be organised in Vyalikaval class on 25th September, and in Vijayanagar branch on 4th September.

In association with Sri P.N. Ramachandra Iyer trust, GGSS organises two rathotsavams at Vyalikaval every year. First of these is the Jagannatha rathotsavam, which is held on the same day that the rathyatra takes place in Jagannatha temple at Puri. The second is the Sharadamba rathotsavam, which coincides with the rathotsavam held at Sringeri after Navaratri celebrations. On both these occasions, the deity is taken in a decorated chariot around the streets of Vyalikaval, with the devotees singing shlokas and bhajans. The deity is worshipped by people near their houses, and is brought back. The rathotsavam commences and ends at the Srirama temple in Vyalikaval. In 2011, Jagannatha Rathayatra would be held on 3rd July, while Sharadamba Rathotsavam would be organised on 7th October.

Along with these, the students are encouraged to take part in various other activities organised by associated organisations such as P.N.Ramachandra Iyer trust and Sanatana Dharma Samrakshana Parishad.