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Basic Sanskrit

When a child starts to learn sanskrit, it is first initiated into the Sanskrit alphabet (varnamala and gunitaksharas). After learning to identify, write and pronounce the letters properly, some simple words are introduced with meanings. The next level would be to teach compound letters (samyuktaksharas) and words using such letters. Once the children go through all these levels, they are ready to learn simple lessons which form part of the Surasaraswati sabha and Bharatiya vidyabhavan exams.

Under the guidance of our mother, we have created workbooks which are used for practicing these letters and words.

  1. Workbook One - Varnamaala (Alphabets)
  2. Workbook Two - Gunitaaksharaani (Conjugated letters)
  3. Workbook Three - Gunitaaksharaani (Conjugated letters) - part 2
  4. Workbook Four - Saralapadaani (Simple words)
  5. Workbook Five - Samyuktaaksharaani (Compound letters)
  6. Workbook Six - Samyuktaaksharaani (Compound letters) - part 2