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How to participate

How can you participate in activities of GGSS?

  1. Come and learn Sanskrit - You can learn Sanskrit and shlokas at any branch of GGSS. The fees we charge is strict commitment, dedication, punctuality and regularity. And there is no age bar - Any person who is a jijnaasu (wants to learn sanskrit) can join.

  2. Bring your children to us - Samskaras sown early on in life are the ones that build the foundation for the character and personality of a person later on. Bring your children to us to make them aware of their roots, and the tremendously rich culture that they have been handed down from their ancestors. Make them learn the one language that is known as the mother of all languages, and that will enable your child to pick up any other language effortlessly. And there is no age-bar here too. Children as young as 1.5 - 2 years come to our class to just listen. This makes it so much more easy for them to pick up later on.

  3. Participate in other activities - GGSS conducts many activities throughout the year, apart from the classes. You can bring your children to the Summer Camps, or the Inter-school competitions. You can also participate in various spiritual activities conducted by us regularly.

  4. Spread the word - If you are attending classes, and have realised their value, tell about GGSS to your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Bring more people to classes. If your child is attending classes with us, inform all of his/her friends, and bring the children of the entire street to class.

  5. Volunteer - GGSS is an organisation which is run entirely by the efforts of volunteers dedicated to a cause. Many activities of our sangha require large efforts in terms of organisation and man-power. You can volunteer to help us organise some of the events, and in the process, get acquainted with the sort of work that we do. Also, if you have learnt Sanskrit earlier, and would like to teach, we would be glad to offer you an opportunity to pass on your knowledge to the next generation.

  6. Donate - GGSS is not funded by any external organisation, and does not have any regular source of income. We conduct most of our activities free of cost. You could encourage us in our efforts by sponsoring any of our activities.