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Some Frequently asked questions

  1. Why should I join GGSS?

    By following the motivation of gurus and the principles of Sanatana Dharma, GGSS inspires people to be better human beings. For students, it not only teaches how to face Sanskrit exams, but also gives them courage, and builds confidence. It also develops the skills of leadership and team-building. GGSS helps to develop equanimity and give up jealousy, and leads you on the path to realise yourself.

  2. How do I join GGSS?

    Find out the branch located nearest to you from our list of branches. You can find the contact details of all our branches here . Call up the number and attend classes at the time instructed.

  3. What is the fees I have to pay?

    Dedication, Regularity, Punctuality and Commitment. We do not charge any fees for coaching. (You will have to pay a nominal price for the text books and materials provided). But we do expect you to attend classes regularly, and show commitment to learning. All the teachers at GGSS are employed elsewhere, and teach voluntarily during their free hours out of passion for the subject. The least you can do is to validate their efforts by your dedication.

  4. When are the classes held?

    Classes are held every Sunday. Timings may differ in the different branches. Please refer to the pages on individual branches for details of timings and venue.

  5. Is there any regular term of admission when I will have to enroll for classes?

    No. You can join at any time of the year. You will be allotted into a class based on your interest and previous knowledge of Sanskrit. If you join an examination-batch in the middle, we will try to bring you up to the common level by extra classes. You can appear for the examination if you clear the preparatory exams and the teacher is satisfied with your progress.

  6. When are the holidays for classes at GGSS?

    There is NO concept of holidays at GGSS. Classes run throughout the year, on all weeks. In some branches, based on the constraints of teachers, they may call off classes for a few days. But other than that, there are no holidays, for festivals, or exams, or any other event.

  7. I do not know any Sanskrit. Can I join GGSS?

    Definitely. It is our job to teach you sanskrit. We shall start at the basics, and take you through our graded lessons in order, so that you will not have any difficulty in picking up the language easily.

  8. I already know a bit of Sanskrit, and have passed some exams elsewhere. Can I join GGSS to learn more? Will I have to start at the beginning?

    You can join anytime. Whenever somebody approaches us and wishes to join, we determine his / her proficiency with Sanskrit, and suggest the right level for them to join.

  9. I am an ex-student of GGSS. I haven't been able to attend classes for a long time because of other constraints. Can I join again?

    Welcome back! We would be happy to have you back with us, as long as you have realised the value of GGSS, and are ready to pay our fees of dedication, regularity, punctuality and commitment. You can rejoin, and pick up things from where you left.

  10. I want to learn shlokas, but I am not interested in Sanskrit. Can I join?

    You can opt to participate in any activity of GGSS, as per bhagavatprerana. If it is your prerana to learn only shlokas, we will be happy to teach you.

  11. My child is too small. Can I attend classes along with him/her?

    Yes. There is no age-limit for our classes, so you can surely attend along with your child. You will be able to learn yourself, and also motivate your child.

  12. Will GGSS conduct tuitions for State/ CBSE board exams?

    No. We do not teach the syllabus of any state / central board. However, if you attend the classes at GGSS and pass the examinations which we coach for, facing the school exams will be very easy. We strive to give the students a strong foot-hold in the language, and help them learn much more than they would ever learn in schools.

  13. Does GGSS offer postal coaching?

    No. You will have to attend classes at any of our branches.

  14. Does GGSS offer online coaching?

    No. You will have to attend classes at any of our branches. We offer a lot of study material on our website, but they are only meant to supplement teaching. They cannot be a substitute for learning directly from the teacher.

  15. I have urgent sanskrit-related queries. Can I get answers from GGSS?

    Yes. You can post any question related to Sanskrit in our Knowledge center, and we will answer your questions on our website. If you are a student of GGSS, you can post your doubts at the Query center. Our teachers will help you quickly.

  16. Can I learn the Amarakosha at GGSS?

    Amarakosha is currently not a part of the syllabus at GGSS. However, GGSS Vijayanagar is planning to begin Amarakosha classes shortly. Please contact the branch head for further details.

  17. Can I learn Siddhanta Kaumudi at GGSS?

    The Vijayanagar branch of GGSS is starting new batches for Siddhanta Kaumudi and Laghusiddhanta Kaumudi. Click here for details.

  18. Can I get coaching for MA (Sanskrit) at GGSS?

    No. GGSS is not conducting classes for MA examinations.

  19. Can I learn Lalita Sahasranama at GGSS?

    Yes and No. Lalita Sahasranama is not a part of the shloka syllabus at GGSS, but on a case-to-case basis, depending on the number of students and their interest, our maatha and other teachers may take special classes for teaching this.

  20. Can I learn Vedic Mathematics at GGSS?

    No. Vedic Mathematics is not a part of syllabus at GGSS. Special coaching in Vedic Maths might be offered in our summer camps.

  21. Can I learn Yoga at GGSS?

    No. GGSS does not conduct yoga classes. Yoga might be a part of some of our summer camps.

  22. Can I learn astrology/palmistry at GGSS

    No. We do not teach astrology/palmistry. But you will need a knowledge of sanskrit to study advanced texts of astrology. We can help you with the sanskrit part.

  23. Can I learn music and dance at GGSS?

    No. GGSS does not offer specific coaching for music or dance. However, the aptitude of students for singing/dancing/acting would be encouraged and nurtures through natakas and nrityaroopakas.

  24. Can I learn Geetha Govindam at GGSS?

    Though Geetha Govinda is not taught at GGSS, an associated organisation, Hindu Samaya Maadar Mandram, undertakes detailed study of Geetha Govinda under the guidance of our guru. You can join this organisation to learn Geetha Govindam.

  25. I am an Ayurveda student, and I need to learn sanskrit for my course. How do you help?

    Most of the major texts of Ayurveda have been composed in Sanskrit, and hence, a knowledge of sanskrit is essential for any student of Ayurveda. We can help you learn sanskrit starting from the basics, and can take you to a level where you can read and understand Ayurveda texts on your own.