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Activities of GGSS - Annual Day

Annual Day is an event which showcases the multi-faceted talent of our students, and thus is eagerly awaited by the students of GGSS. The annual day is held separately in each of the branches in the months of Jan-Feb every year. The programme is usually presided over by our guru, Smt. Ananthalakshmi Natarajan. Eminent scholars of sanskrit are invited to grace the occasion and inspire our students through recounting their experiences with sanskrit and the pursuit of knowledge.

Some of the dignitaries who have been with us on our annual days and blessed us include Sri. Chamu Krishnashastri (co-founder, Samskrita Bharati), Sri Shatavadhani R Ganesh (renowned scholar and exponent of the art of avadhana), Sri Mattoor B Krishnamurthy (Former Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London), Vid. Mahabaleshwar Bhat (Vyakarana scholar and retd. Professor, Jayachamarajendra pathashala, Bangalore), Vid. Vijayalakshmi (Vyakarana and Alankara shastra scholar, Headmistress, BSVP samskrita pathashala, Bangalore), Brahmashri Subramania Deekshitar (renowned discourser and scholar in vedas and puranas, Chennai), Dr. Vishwas and Dr. Shantala (Samskrita Bharati), Sou. Sri Srivatsa (Lecturer of Sanskrit, MES college, Bangalore), Sri. Sridhar Hegde (Head of Sanskrit Department, National High School, Bangalore), Vid. Krishnamurthy Bayiri (Alankara, Vyakarana and Jyotishya scholar, Lecturer, Jayachamarajendra pathashala, Bangalore), Dr.S Shankar(Avadhaani, disciple of Shatavadhani R.Ganesh, poet, scholar) etc.

Annual day is also the platform where our students exhibit their talent in various fields such as singing, drama, dance, and the like. Sanskrit is the medium of expression for all these, and our students present songs, dance, dramas and conversations in sanskrit. They are also given the opportunity to host the programme, and to welcome and thank the guests formally, which puts them at ease with speaking in Sanskrit.

Another important part of the Annual day is the prize distribution, where winners of the various competitions at Aamodaa are felicitated. The awards consist of sets of valuable books, customised to the age and level of knowledge of the student, to inspire him/her to know more and more of sanskrit and our heritage.